Suze (sbeaubien) wrote,

Who's the bigger ass: Dick Cheney or White House spokesman Scott McClellan?

Cheney is a bad shot and big coward for not owning up to it, but McClellan avoided answering questions on the matter today, saying "It is what it is." Huh? So...what

According to the Washington Post, "nine times the press secretary announced to the cameras that he was going ahead with the people’s 'priorities,' regardless of what the feckless journalists were asking about."

Then the story gets good. The reporters weren't going to fucking stand for it. According to the Post:

“This is our briefing; we get to ask the questions,” David Sanger of the New York Times fired back. NBC’s David Gregory lectured: “Don’t tell us that you’re giving us complete answers when you’re not actually answering the questions.”

Of course this tactic didn't work, but pretty much just as McClellan walked out on the frustrated media, doctors in Texas were announcing that Cheney's target had a heart attack as a result of birdshot lodged near his heart.

And who knew about it the whole time? Assface McClellan. It seems if given the chance, the White House would have kept the whole thing under wraps.

One of the things that makes me angry about this story is the press secretary treating the media as if they are disconnected from the "people" and their "priorities." Without the media, the people wouldn't know much about their government's real priorities. The media are a conduit to the people. And reporters ask the questions they think people want or need to know.

But maybe tomorrow Cheney will speak, and then we can vote on the bigger dick.
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